Check for Super Lice

Darien’s Lice Treatment Center® Will Check Your Kids for Super Lice

Recently there has been a lot of publicity about the spread of “Super Lice” that are resistant to traditional over-the-counter, permethrin-based and other toxic treatment products.

Recently, at the opening of the newest Lice Treatment Center® location in Darien, CT, LTC’s co-founders discussed the impact Super Lice have had on the lice treatment industry.
Co-founder and LTC’s medical director, Dr. Elin Cohen, is a Harvard-educated pediatrician and authority on lice treatment and prevention. Her partner and CEO, Liz Solovay, is a Yale-educated business woman who runs the day-to-day operations of the national company and its growing franchise division. They discussed how much the lice treatment industry has grown in the past few years largely because of the fear of Super Lice. There are now many different kinds of lice treatment companies in the U.S. Most are small “one person shows” but there are also some regional and national chains. The array of companies includes those that offer in-home treatments as well as “walk-in” stores. Unfortunately, some of them use questionable treatment methods and standards of cleanliness. There are also scores of products and gimmicky devices for sale over the internet that claim to “cure” head lice –even Super Lice–many of which are unproven or controversial.

One of the main reasons LTC decided to open another screening and treatment location in Darien is that they wanted to offer families in one of its busiest areas, Fairfield County, a convenient way to get a professional lice check and, if needed, immediate treatment. The Darien center offers free lice checks as well as professional treatment services by LTC Certified Technicians. Dr. Cohen designed the proprietary, systematic methodology and training program required to certify LTC’s roster of professional technicians (or “nit pickers). Dr. Cohen also formulated and tested LTC’s proprietary, all-natural line of treatment and repellent products used during LTC treatments and aftercare. According to Dr. Cohen, “Our proprietary, systematic treatment protocol, which includes using all all-natural products, manual nit removal and careful aftercare, is key to LTC’s success. The manual removal of lice eggs, called nits, is the only way to ensure effective elimination of a head lice infestation. Lice nits are very tiny, oval in shape, and get firmly glued to hair strands so if not manually removed, within 7-10 days, the nits will hatch and become a new infestation of live lice. Leaving even one nit behind can turn into a vicious cycle.”

“So far”, said Liz Solovay, “business at the Darien center has exceeded expectations. I think we are doing well because parents now know they have a trusted place to go right away for help if they do get the ‘dreaded lice letter’ from their children’s schools or camps. It’s good to be thought of as a safe, go-to place for lice treatment in Fairfield County.”

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